I began by sketching various samples based on the ideas that I described previously.

Initially, I thought to use a vector based program such as Adobe Illustrator. After designing various elements of the typeface by sketching on paper, I scanned the sketches and inserted them into a new Illustrator document, hoping to be able to trace over the elements with the Bezier curve pen tool. However, this proved extremely difficult in Illustrator for a number of reasons, primarily being that I was not extremely familiar with the interface and its advanced curve editing functions. Consequently, after spending a couple of hours attempting to create the necessary glyph elements, I decided to abandon Illustrator in favor or TypeLight. I searched for other programs online and discovered FontForge. However, this also seemed rather complex. Reading through the blog posts of other students, I noticed that Ryan recommended using TypeLight for its simplicity in digitizing fonts.

UPDATE: A new partner!

I am now working with Jack Tulloch on a typeface design!