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What Storytellers Have in Common

Storytelling is something that is shared across the human experience. All of us have been inspired, or awed, or frightened, or intrigued by stories. There is one thing that storytellers have in common—an incredible imagination.

They allow their thoughts to wander, and importantly they are able to capture them for the future. This ability lets them develop them later, to dream and dream with such fidelity that they resonate across the human experience. These are the most powerful storytellers.

For me, the magic of cinema is a result of the balance between the artistic and the technical. You have to tell a powerful story, but breathe life into it the through actors and actresses, lights and cameras, sets and visual effects, music and sound. You have to use those tools to make something powerful to humans, and that requires and understanding of people. You need to be aware of how people think, how they make connections

When these things come together, cinema can be transformative. It allows us to wield the power of emotion.


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  1. Zubin

    Wow, I love your imaginative writing that helps secure your point in our (the reader’s) mind! I wish your writing had continued, but great work!

    • Sahil

      Thanks for your kind words! I have a few other posts detailing my thoughts on filmmaking and storytelling as well if you want to read more on the topic, including this one on how writing encourages creativity (one of my first posts!).

  2. Manju

    Short and to the point Sahil
    Nice attempt
    Keep going boy!!

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