What greater pain is there but for the wonderous thoughts that so wander about to flutter into oblivion the very moment they are conjured?

Our greatest gift is our sauntering imaginations, and for such a beautiful thing to go to waste is a distressing notion, in my mind and in other minds alike. To spew thoughts onto the page without regard to the meaning, but as a stream of consciousness, is an incredible freedom not often appreciated enough.

A creative is able to conjure up fictional worlds in such a manner that they often become tangible, alive even, within the mind of the beholder. However, because the memory of the human mind is feeble, the incredible fantasies vanish into thin air just as quickly as they arise.

Writing is the only solution therefore, as we have yet to discover a device that can record thoughts directly in some way that is understandable to mere mortals. The chief complaint regarding writing, is the sheer difficulty of simply beginning. After all, to move such a heavy mass as the imagination requires significant energy and effort.

I used to be in the same boat. A significant amount of time has passed since the beginning of my own journey through my conscience, though now more remains to be explored than when I first made headway. With each passing moment, I am more satisfied by the new questions that arise from the old. This is the great joy in life: learning more and more about the universe, yet realizing how much more there is to know. With every question that is answered, there are easily ten more that arise.

Therefore knowledge is not a linear progression, but rather, exponential. As more is discovered and as more is understood, the imagination is let loose on a larger field and is free to wander through an ever growing universe. The mind can saunter along at its own leisure, finding new paths and reminiscing on old memories. Please, for the love of all humanity, set your life free and explore every inch of your own mind. What happens is relief from having to remember all of the great thoughts that you once had.