Joy is a fleeting emotion. It is the small bubbles bursting at the surface of a boiling cauldron of the sticky soup of pain, of adversity, and of hard work. But without the thick, gurgling broth that the bubbles slowly rise through, joy would be worth absolutely nothing. The difficulty of the journey is what gives true value to every bit of happiness that we relish. At the very end, when we are able to look back and reflect on the progress of our lives, I think that we all hope, whether or not we are considered successful by others or consider ourselves successful, that we can be in peace knowing that every living moment was used to squeeze out hard work and passion. The utmost judgement of life is that we pushed ourselves to our limits and that we worked to our fullest potential.

It is the ephemeral element that, I think, adds value to our lives. The fact that everything is in constant flux allows our limited time to become our most valued asset.

Change is an essential component of nature. Without it, the entire earth would be a homogenous lump floating through the empty void of space, as it is from the ever changing sea of brine that life was born. Without change, the human race would not have evolved and progressed as it did throughout the ages. Revolution after revolution, we things get better and better as we realize the flaw in our old selves. This cycle repeats until the end of time and the Day of Judgement is upon us. All of us have a small desire to impart change in the world; to craft our wondrous legacy and build a better and more harmonious world. However, few get around to actually doing anything. The rest of us wander aimlessly among the large masses, living content and complacently, engulfed by popular society. From watching adults while growing up, they seem to despise change. Wanting to keep the old habits and customs alive so that no effort is needed to go through the world. Their energy is exhausted and their souls depleted. The energy from the soul is what powers human ingenuity and creativity. The passion for curiosity comes not from any external sources, but purely from the search of new ways to express the raw and unkempt emotion that resides within each and every human in existence. Though we do not know what is beyond death, we do know that life is ephemeral and fleeting. As a result, it benefits no one to keep the soul within its indefinite prison; let it escape, let it go free and float away, drifting away on the soft breeze. Why not?