The human soul is often kept confined and imprisoned by society and its rigid structure. However, it continually yearns to be let free and is always on the search for new ways to express itself, whether through music, through visual art, through film, through science, through poetry, or through any other means. I find it essential to express oneself in a variety of ways and to dabble here and there in as many differing crafts as humanly possible. Why not, I ask, try something new each time, only to discover a newfound passion for that particular subject. Most individuals have heard of the quote that someone can be a “Jack of all trades, but master of none.” This often taken negatively in context, however, it excludes the entirety of the couplet, “Jack of all trades, master of none; though oftentimes better than the master of one.”

However, I often engage with myself in silent conversation about the things that I enjoy doing. I think of all of the amazing projects that are possible and get inspired by things I see online. Despite this, something that I have only now realized is that very few of these ideas, if any, will ever come to fruition. Leonardo Da Vinci’s fatal flaw was alas, his extremely broad interests. He was so often compelled by new subjects, that he usually failed to finish what he started. As a result, he completed only about six works in 17 years, including “The Last Supper,” and he left dozens of paintings and projects unfinished. He spent most of his time studying science, either by going out into nature and observing things or by locking himself away in his workshop cutting up bodies or pondering universal truths. This is a problem that plagues many people in the modern age, including myself. I admit that I have fallen over many times in my quest for achievement, but I believe that the strides I have taken overcome these setbacks and make them look inconceivably small. No man can ever succeed without failures, as these failures are what define success: the more failures you have, the more the success feels better.