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Where Dark Skies Matter


“The Clear Night Sky Over India and China’s Hostile Border,” by Raghu Karnad and Anmol Tikoo, September 19, 2020.

“How I Took a Picture of a Galaxy,” by Johnny Harris, August 3, 2020.

“A Primer to Astrophotography, by Destin Heilman, n.d.


Landing the Space Shuttle


A Review of Enola Holmes


  1. Zubin

    Wow! Thanks for sharing, this is a really cool channel and he captures his journey in a new light that focuses on the difficulties rather than the successes.

    • Sahil

      Thanks Zubin! Yeah it was fascinating to watch this video and learn about the actual struggles to get everything to work will. It always seems easier when looking in to things, but putting it into practice is always more challenging.

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