Sahil A. Nawab

Sapience · Imagination · Ingenuity

We often face adversity in life, but for me, any challenge is an opportunity to learn more and become better. I am a senior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science, so obviously I love math and science. Regardless, I enjoy a variety of different activities, such as tennis, biking, cinematography, learning to fly, and playing Minecraft :)


Physics is taught by Mr. Ellis, an awesome (and fast-paced!) teacher who pushes us to our limits so that we can learn.


Mathematical Modeling is taught by Mr. Regele, who's really cool and calm; All he asks is to present your ideas and learn from one another.

Computer Science

Computer Science is taught by Mrs. Taricco, a really passionate and energetic teacher who encourages her students to learn by doing.


Humanities is taught by Mr. Ludt, an exceptional teacher who creates an open environment to allow all of his students to discuss freely.


French is taught by Madame Wildfong, a super engaging teacher who creates a relaxed and yet interesting environment of total French immersion. We learn film making, writing, and speaking all in French.

Scientific & Technical Writing

Scientific & Technical Writing is taught by Mrs. Borowski, who creates a thought-provoking and entertaining atmosphere where we learn about grammar and writing.

Science Fair Project

My science fair project advisor is Dr. Connell, the 3d printing master! He used to work at NASA!